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The D. Family

Scarborough, Ontario

Dear Mr. Bogoroch,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the compassion and effort shown by you and Ms. Chandler while dealing with our case.

I had been told about your first meeting with my husband and sons while I was still incapacitated in the Critical Care ward. [My family] recounted to me how impressed they were with your patience and understanding with them during that first meeting. They appreciated your immediate concern for both my welfare and theirs. They believed you to be open and honest as you were detailing both what we as a family could expect when dealing with insurance companies and support agencies during the eventual recovery process and how you would be able to assist our family as legal counsel. Most importantly, from that first meeting, you had earned their trust and confidence.

I’d like to thank you and Ms. Chandler for your constant support and advice throughout my recovery process. Your concern for my well-being, physically and emotionally, was always evident. Your help in organizing the necessary supports and your encouragement to my whole family to be positive and patient was invaluable.

I also appreciate the thorough effort shown by you and Ms. Chandler as we prepared to go to court. You and Ms. Chandler were always easily approachable and open and available to answer any questions that my family and I had. You kept our family informed throughout the process as to the strengths and weaknesses of our case, and you were always open and honest with what you thought we could expect as outcomes from the legal proceeding. In the end, we were very pleased with the settlement we received.

In addition, [my husband] and I would like to also thank your wonderful office staff for their courteous and friendly demeanor and all their great administrative support.

Thank you, Richard and Tripta, for all your hard work and for your constant caring and positive approach!


– The D. Family, Scarborough, Ontario

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