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Inci Kuzucuoglu

Toronto, Ontario

My daughter, as a result of a serious traffic accident, had sustained a serious brain injury, and she was seeing another lawyer and this has lasted 12 years, nothing has been done.

We came to meet with Richard Bogoroch and Heidi Brown and they have given us a timeline and a strategy that how to give results on that issue, and the result was excellent. I cannot thank them enough. Because of them my daughter has the financial means to continue her life in dignity.

The settlement came in a very short time, sooner than what we expected, and we were elated that our daughter was in good hands and also she was secure for the rest of her life.

We were all in shock, we weren’t expecting things to roll so fast and the best interests of our daughter. It was a wonderful experience.

When you hire Richard Bogoroch for your case you not only get him but you get all of his team, they are all excellent in their profession, they are caring, they’re wonderful people.

We felt cared and we felt that they wanted to do whatever they could in their power to help us, and whatever they had promised they have delivered, and we were in good hands.

I was amazed with Richard and Heidi how wonderful human beings they were.

I would definitely recommend Bogoroch and Associates. To begin with they really genuinely care, my experience told me and showed me that, and they are also handling everything in the most professional manner, they are wonderful, what can I say?

If you need someone to help you in this difficult time I think Richard Bogoroch and Associates are the best place that you should be. You will be honored if they take your case.

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