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Back in 2002 I was misdiagnosed on two separate occasions at the hospital. As a result of their delay, I ended up needing a heart valve replacement. While awaiting surgery for this, I suffered a stroke which left me with permanent disabilities.

I hired a lawyer who said I had a good case. In believing everything would be taken care of, I left everything up to him. After a while I tried to contact him to get an update. After about a week, his assistant called me to say that everything was going according to schedule. I was never informed of the progress of the case and then my nightmare happened. I received a call that he didn’t file in time and thus lost the case, leading me to owe a large sum to the defence lawyers.

I didn’t know where to turn until I was put in contact with Richard Bogoroch. His firm immediately started to work on my case. What I found different from the other lawyer, and refreshing, was that I was kept informed every step of the way and when I had a question, someone quickly responded. Richard’s firm was very knowledgable and professional and for the first time I felt that someone was actually looking out for me.

As a result of their hard work and attention to every detail, my case was settled on a timely basis and an outstanding result was achieved. If it wasn’t for Richard Bogoroch and his associates, I would have been in an absolutely terrible position.

I would like to sincerely thank Richard and all the people who worked on my case, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

– R.S.A.

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