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Mr. Keith Young

Scarborough, Ontario

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my brother, Wayne. In November 1996, he was a passenger in a car, which was involved in a motor vehicle accident. He suffered physical disabilities and a severe brain injury. The battle in recovering for him has been very challenging.

Fortunately, my family was able to retain Bogoroch & Associates as legal representation. We have built a tremendous relationship in the past 6 years and both my family and Wayne are very pleased with their professionalism. Mr. Richard Bogoroch has dealt with our case with Wayne’s current and future wellbeing as the focal point. He has handled our case with the utmost of care and diligence. During the course of this lengthy proceeding, we have experienced firsthand his undying passion for helping the client. His knowledge, research, and negotiation skills are absolutely top-notch. His patience with in-depth explanations of legal terminology and procedures has not gone unnoticed. The highly motivated team of law clerks and legal assistants at Bogoroch & Associates are always polite and respectful. They are great at returning phone calls promptly and they are a pleasure to deal with and make us feel welcome on every visit.

With regards to settlement, Bogoroch & Associates has not only met expectations, but has exceeded them. In doing so, they have helped both Wayne and my entire family greatly. The feelings of future economic and financial uncertainty have greatly dissipated.

– Keith Young

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