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Mimoza Lengo and family

Toronto, Ontario

I will never forget May 25, 2006, the day that I met you, Mr. Richard Bogoroch and Miss Tripta Chandler in your office – two most wonderful,dedicated,caring and successful people.
After the car accident my life was a nightmare – painful, and filled with stress, anxiety and fear for the future. It was the second accident that it happened in two years in our family and it left us in chaos and struggling to maintain our life with a very small income. How could we survive – two disabled people – with a mortgage, bills and taxes to be paid, and a son to be supported at university? This was not just a question, it was our biggest problem.

That day, I trusted you and I gave you my big problem, and you opened your big hearts and beautiful minds to find the best solution, working hard, tirelessly and with professionalism all the time.

I was in your office many times, and every time that I met with you, you gave me so much hope. Your words were the best medication for my stress and anxiety. All your staff is very dedicated, caring, compassionate, educated, and respectful, including Kate Cahill, Maria and Elisa. I am very happy to have been represented by the most organized, professional and successful people that I ever have known.

Today I saw again how dedicated you are to achieving goals and making me and my family happy. You have spent more than two years for us, and you have always won.
I don’t know it would be enough to thank you from the bottom of my heart every day of my life. God bless you, Richard Bogoroch, Tripta Chandler all your staff and families.

– Mimoza Lengo and family, forever grateful

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