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Evelina Krasnova-Ganina


Dear Richard,

My words of gratitude simply cannot describe in full the reality that happened a few days ago! All what you did, how you were exclusively professional, heart open compassionate, firm in carrying out the objectives towards the protection of my professional and personal life interests are priceless, remarkable!

The compensation, you were fighting for was truly beyond my expectation and allows me to think now about my future not as a person, thrown over the board of the life.
You gave me the hope, belief and confidence in myself, as an artist, professional teacher, and simply a person who really wants to carry on with the life in spite of the sad medical conclusions of my physic in present.

Thank you again and I will gladly pass the words of thankfulness and pride for you and your associates to my friends and family members.
With the deepest respect and appreciation,

– Evelina Krasnova-Ganina.

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