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Please allow me including my whole family to praise my lawyer Anthea and Chinese service representative Siu. In year 2015 spring, I felt down and greatly injured, lost 4000cc blood, blood pressure goes to 20mmp, almost passed away. The Canadian doctors saved my life and thanks to god that I found Bogoroch Associates and LLP at my most difficulty time.

In the first few months I can’t leave my bed, Sui and Anthea came to my home met me and chatted with me, leading me to look positively.

ln year 2016 winter, Sui drove me to Oshawa in a big snowstorm (30 cm of snow)to visit doctor for assessment. I can see the lay firm was trying the best to help me for my rights. Anthea is a very excellent lawyer with lots of potential, Sui is a very suitable Chinese service representative, very helpful. They are all very valuable asset to the firm. All of their contribution made this golden brand of Bogoroch.

In Chinese Bogoroch (HHF), means treasure and happiness, its greatly reflected the value of the firm, helping people to gain their happiness again. My case is a good proof. Anthea and Siu will be my lifelong friends, I wish Bogoroch will be very big and very famous in North American! 

– Yin

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