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The Brusikewicz Family

Richmond Hill, Ontario

After our son’s very serious car accident, we were so overwhelmed with the tragedy that we didn’t know were to look for help.
He suffered a severe brain injury and we were advised to look for legal help. We went looking through several larger and smaller litigation companies and we agreed on Bogoroch & Associates because of the clear and direct information, warm atmosphere, and personal involvement of Richard Bogoroch that we received when we first met.
We learned with time, that it was the best decision we could have made. For all those difficult years of the case from 2003 to 2008, Richard and his team were with us and for us: Immediate response to our e-mails and phone calls; help with clearing countless obstacles created by insurance companies such as refusal to reimburse; problems with transportation; and therapies. We knew that we could always count on Bogoroch & Associates.
It was constant assistance from Richard, Heidi Brown, and his very dedicated staff. We will never forget our meetings with Richard and Heidi where we would be provided with comprehensive information on every stage of the case.
For all those difficult years, we had a great comfort knowing that we were taken care of, that we could trust that Bogoroch & Associates were doing the best for our son’s interest and recovery.
For almost six years, Richard and Heidi worked and fought very hard for our son’s better future until recently we successfully settled the case. We are very happy with the outcome and will always be very grateful for Bogoroch & Associates’ enormous help.
Thank you Richard, Heidi and Staff
God Bless You. – The Brusikewicz Family, Richmond Hill, Ontario

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