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Teresa A. Amaral

Mississauga, Ontario

Dear Mr. Bogoroch and Staff,

When my short-term disability claim was neither recognized nor accepted by my insurance company I was literally at “a dead end.” I was emotionally distraught, and because I suffer from fibromyalgia and generalized osteoarthritis, my physical and mental capabilities were so limited that I was barely getting through my daily basic needs.

I was in no position to sue a major insurance company for lost benefits. Your firm, Mr. Bogoroch, handled a complex and difficult case with impeccable professionalism and excellent promptness in answering my calls and concerns. Without your expertise, understanding, belief in my case; without the care and compassion provided by you and all of your staff, I know in my heart that it would have been impossible for me to survive through the litigation period.

When Linda Wolanski called me to tell me that both my short-term and long-term disability had been approved I felt that the worst nightmare of my life had come to an end, and her reassuring ways gave me hope and strength to face the long road that I have ahead of me.

Once again I want to thank you all for your support and for your excellence. When it comes to a disability case, it is of key importance who represents the claimant, and I want to tell you Mr. Bogoroch that you have “a winning team.”

I will definitely recommend you and your staff to anyone that is in need of your expertise and compassion.


– Teresa A. Amaral

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