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Siu Ping Chan

Toronto, Ontario

A few years ago I was injured in a serious motor vehicle accident. The impact threw me out of the van and I was taken to hospital by helicopter. I stayed in the ICU for 19 days and I was in the hospital for three full months. There were many wounds on my body. My left thigh bone was broken needing surgeries. Since I have someone in the family working in the legal field, I knew which lawyer to go to and therefore retained Bogoroch & Associates. As a result, I received a very satisfactory final settlement. I did not have to pay a penny during the entire lawsuit, not even office disbursements which some other firms would charge.
My motor vehicle accident happened in the autumn of 2003.
Due to the seriousness of my injuries and the number of involved victims, the entire settlement process for my case took more than 3 years. This was already expeditious and it was only possible with Bogoroch & Associates because Mr. Bogoroch was very serious in dealing with the case. He diligently brought motions in courts when necessary to protect my interest so that I could have the peace of mind and the best options for physical care.
The transparency level is very high between solicitor and client in Bogoroch & Associates. From beginning to end I was fully informed about every step of the progress of my case. I was updated periodically and anytime I wished. I was provided with important documents by courier constantly. I was treated with compassion and professionalism. My experience was an eye opener to what genuine professional service really means.
Mr. Bogoroch showed his respectful attitude by fully informing me in every step of the case. If the insurance company was trying to make any move, he would sit down with me in his office, explained what the insurance company was up to, and told me how he planned to deal with it. He also told me clearly what could be accepted and what should not be accepted; therefore I felt my case was in very good hand. As a result, I also learnt a lot about the law.
Mr. Bogoroch also made arrangements for me to see specialist doctors; these doctors are highly reputable and respected in the medical profession. They assessed my injuries and took great care to assess the accident’s future impact on my job competitiveness and way of living. I felt very confident and relieved. I also heard from other clients in the firm’s waiting room that Mr. Bogoroch treated all cases, no matter big or small, with the same level of attention and care. Everyone said they were happy with his services.

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