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Ms. Lori Hall

Mississauga, Ontario

Dear Richard:

Thank you seems inadequate in expressing just how much I appreciated your dedication, support and reassurance through the litigation process and final successful settlement.

It has been nearly 4 years since my insurance company cut off my long-term disability benefits. Hearing your words, “It’s over, you can relax now,” has not fully registered with me yet, but with each passing day that fact is becoming a reality to me.

Your acknowledgement and recognition of how families are disrupted by the complexities of Fibromyalgia, how this devastating condition impacts on family, lives and careers is nothing less than remarkable. I see you as a noble David fighting the Goliath insurance companies for the trampled rights of people suffering with FM.

Applying your aggressive, tough line approach to litigation, you were committed to my case from the beginning, encouraged me to relax, have faith and let you do your work. From start to finish you kept your word and all promises to me.

Richard, thank you for giving me back my life and peace of mind. I can breathe easier now as I look toward the future. I will always be eternally grateful to you.

Yours very truly,

– Lori Hall

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