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Mrs. Tina Taylor

Brampton, Ontario

Dear Richard,
It is hard to believe that six months have passed since you so diligently achieved rightful justice in my case. I thank you from the seat of my soul.

I wanted to share my experience so that others would know of your work. I have tried to write an account of my experience with the hope you will post it in on your website so that others may be inspired with hope and help.

I suffer greatly from many diagnosed illnesses that are believed to be the work of fibromyalgia and the major depression raging actively in my life. My suffering is less because of your support and success. Speaking from my own experience, I found you have restored lost relief, confidence, pride, dignity and stability to my life. On the legal battlefield you stood solidly for justice in my right to claim the LTD benefits that had been denied by my insurer. You stood prepared with comfort and confidence. You had the knowledge, a belief in me, the documented facts of my illnesses and the trust in the practices and minor miracles that you and the marvelous team of associates in your law firm perform daily with routine excellence.

I say special thanks to Tripta Chandler and all others from Bogoroch & Associates that took the time to ensure the details of my case were managed and organized for success. From our first contact to our successful end, I was more than a client with a file number. With complete loyalty, your actions on my behalf demonstrated a civil, humane and honourable approach to the organization, documentation and interaction required in the process toward success.

I found trust, strength, admiration, security and, most of all, a glimmer of hope. In your care, every step of the process, from beginning to end, was conducted effortlessly, competently and in an orderly manner. It was rich with respect for the human process and purpose and my needs and rights to be treated with dignity, reason, tolerance, validation, order, respect and justice were met.

When I came to you little more than a year ago, I was tormented and suffering with chronic pain and a relentless illness. My search for help and understanding heaped cruel judgement and treatment, loss and fear on my plate. I was suffering more from feeling beaten by the degrading, costly, demoralizing, unethical and debilitating reality involved with the politics and the processes of business, the fragmented medical profession and the insurance carrier. The words “God Save Us” have much truth and meaning here.

[When] I met with Richard [in March, 2004], I was sure I’d found a man and a team of great value, credit and valor. I felt a tangible sense of trust and relief.

When I spoke Richard’s name to my family doctor of 28 years, he smiled with a knowing smile and said “I know him. If you had asked me I would have told you to see him for legal help. You are in good hands now, he is the best!” I had been struggling desperately with my health concerns and the impact of them on my life. For several years I had been in a state of constantly declining health and ability. I was encouraged by his opinion.

In November 2004, only about eight months had passed, and my case was won. In fact it was won before I even got to sit down at the mediation table. I was having a hard time trying to get my head around the truth of our victory. I have spent the past six months adjusting to, believing in and appreciating my life. The help of your services made this possible. All this care didn’t cost me a single penny and you were respectfully well paid too, which was more than I dreamed possible.

The truth of it all is that you just have to believe in the good and honest people of the world. We are quietly in the majority. With Richard Bogoroch and his team at Bogoroch & Associates we do indeed have power with these qualities … a “Good Peoples’ Lawyer”. Good people in need should know this to be a fact.

I am so very grateful to say I’ve experienced THE BEST! How do you thank someone for something of such profound magnitude in any life? I hope this letter begins to.

With sincere appreciation and Thank You,

– Mrs. Tina Taylor

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