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Mrs. Olga Tulipano

North York, Ontario

Dear Richard:

I must commend your staff, who have been helpful and very patient, even when I have been emotionally distraught. They have shown me compassion and understanding, reinforcing that the matter I called about would be dealt with. Richard, you have contacted me after working hours to reassure me that all was being looked after and I was not to worry.

Our meetings with you have been both informative as well as educational. I would like to mention just a few of the situations that have been looked after in a most professional manner, including when our insurance company withheld CPP benefits from Emilio’s bi-weekly benefits. There was also the matter of cheques being received late; again this was always addressed the same day. Your prompt attention is much appreciated.

As you are aware, Emilio suffered a head injury on June 24th, 1995. Today he continues to suffer short term memory loss and a personality change, just to mention only a few of the drastic changes the family endures on a daily basis. Emilio must also deal with the social stigma attached with being “head injured,” – friends desert you, and people treat him differently, unable to accept the change in this person they once knew. If not for your efforts in conjunction with our rehab team as well as your staff, we would be unable to endure this lifelong journey.

There are many paths and obstacles on the road to recovery. Emilio belongs to the Mind Co-op program, a group of people who have an acquired brain injury. This offers him a chance to be a real part of a group, and an opportunity to get out a few times a week, regaining independence, building relationships with others and self-worth.
Once again many thanks; our fate is in your hands.

– Olga Tulipano

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