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Mr. and Mrs. Small

Loretto, Ontario

Mr. Bogoroch and Staff,

Every mother and father’s nightmare, that phone call that changed our lives forever, [happened] on April 11th, 1995 at 11:00 a.m. Our firstborn and his wife were in a horrible car accident, they were both dead was what the police said, both at the age of 29, and with two young boys – this could not be real. But it was real and our nightmare started. The boys were 8 and 9 ½ . We didn’t know how we could best deal with this tragedy, our grandchildren were left with nothing to live with, dealing with the emotional is hard enough, but the financial burden seemed to really add to our stress.

Right from the first time we walked into his office with our hearts heavy with pain, Mr. Bogoroch and his staff made us feel that we did have a case and most of all that we were going to win. He fought so hard for our boys and our family in getting a very good settlement. He very carefully guided us in the right direction as to how we could best invest the boys’ money in a structured system.

Mr. Bogoroch and his staff are always pleasant and informative. They treat you like you are so special and important to them, the firm seems to excel in their goal to please. But most of all, the compassion with which our case was handled means that we would recommend our lawyer to anybody. We hope we never have to go to Mr. Bogoroch again, but he will be our friend forever. Thanks, Mr. Bogoroch and staff.

– Mr. and Mrs. Small

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