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Lily Baranovsky

Toronto, Ontario

My husband, Vitaly, he had a terrible motor vehicle accident and he was fighting for his life in the hospital. Our 10 years old son, Daniel, he was in the same vehicle at the time of tragedy and he didn’t survive the accident.
I came to Bogoroch on the third day after the accident and it was extremely difficult time. I didn’t understand that time what I’m doing, where I’m going to but when I came to them I feel relaxed.
I felt right away that I’m in the right place because he met me, Richard met me and Heidi, he told me everything about my benefit, what I can expect, what I want him to help me with.
I came to Bogoroch and I desperately needed help, desperately, desperately need help. I need someone to be beside me to tell me what to do, to tell me how to go on.
When I asked question they answer it promptly, they’ve always been for me whatever time I called, whatever time I texted, e-mailed, they always, always answer the question.
Everyone was working for me and for Vitaly, and it’s Richard and Heidi, they were behind that.
I started to get financial help, very quickly I felt that I have support in the house with my son, I had all benefits that you just can’t imagine. Whatever I needed, babysitter for child, I had. When I couldn’t drive I had a driver, when I couldn’t go to Vitaly I had a personal support worker for him. I had everything. I had really, really everything that person in my situation could even ask, but I even didn’t ask, he knew what I would need and he made arrangements for that.
I didn’t have any worries with insurance company, everything was done by Heidi and Richard, and it was quickly and immediate help. They quickly made an arrangement and I started to get financial help and everything was done very, very quickly and prompt, and professional way.
Imagine an immigrant, new people in the country without good English, without much family and they became our family. They really supported us, they really helped us and they became our advisors and friends.
They treated me as a person, as a family and I felt that immediately, and I trusted them immediately.
Right away you can see, you can look at a person’s eyes, you can tell that he is truly, truly standing behind, truly for you.
When we came to Richard we didn’t pay any money upfront. Everything was finalized after case was closed and we paid only percentage and it was very fair. I’m very happy. I’m very happy.
Very professional, very warm people, dedicated to clients and I love them. I just love them. They are decent people, honestly.

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