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KE LI (Rick)

Dear Richard and your team,

Please allow me to say a big THANK YOU to the firm, especially to yourself, Anthea and Siu. With all of your strong support, my mum finally had a settlement during the mediation. We all knew the fund can’t fix the lost organ, but it’s a big relief mentally and finically for my mum and whole family.

It’s been a very difficult two and half years since my mum got the injury in 2015 April, I was very hesitated to call anyone to help since I am not sure how much an injury lawyer can really do especially when I don’t need pay anything ahead of time, before it’s settled. On the other hand, my parents are foreign visitors, not living in Toronto and not even speaking English at all, I am not sure how much a lawyer is willing to help on this kind of case.

One day my father read a Chinese Advertisement in the newspaper from your firm and it said there is Chinese service available, so my father decided to call for help. Siu
answered the phone call and explained to my father very friendly and professionally. From that conversatiofl, ffiy father and I was very impressed about the law firm and
decided to hire your firm to proceed with the case.

The case had been followed up closely from paper work to photograph, from medical checkup to the each lawyer’s visit, Anthea and Siu had been given us tremendous support, they are like our family members, spent lots of time to talk to my mum and explained, answered many questions and concerns in details to my mum.

I believe this great team is not started from a sudden, it’s came from the accumulation of lots expertise, experiences and lead ship from senior layers for years. lt’s also came from the excellent lawyers like you, Richard in the firm. We are really happy and feel lucky to find Bogoroch Associates and LLP to represent for my mum’s case!

I wish Bogoroch Associates and LLP will be very famous and helping more and more people who need help like my mum.

 – KE LI(Rick)

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