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Gilda Soares

Cobourg, Ontario

After a car accident in Kitchener, I had serious injuries and the car was more than half destroyed, and I was not only in pain, but also had so many problems that I couldn’t handle it and hired a lawyer. Two years passed and I still had nothing but problems. At the time of the accident, I was planning on moving to Cobourg but I put it on hold until I was better and done with the case. Finally, two years later, we decided to go ahead with the move. I started having treatments in Cobourg and once while I was at the hospital waiting to see a doctor, I came across a copy of Watershed Magazine and read about Bogoroch and Associates. I wrote down the information and decided to call the office to ask for an appointment to get a second opinion.

Well, it was the best decision I’ve ever made with this case. In a few days, I went to see Mr. Richard Bogoroch and when I left his office, I was confident that I had an excellent lawyer. He agreed to take over the case. He was surprised that two years had passed and practically nothing was done. He mentioned trying to solve it in a year. It could be longer but he was going to do his best. Well, he did solve it in 11 months and I am very pleased with the results. He’s a very competent and diligent lawyer.

My most sincere thanks to Mr. Richard Bogoroch and I will definitely be very pleased to recommend Bogoroch and Associates to any person in need of a good lawyer.

 – Gilda Soares

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