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Frankie Picasso

Brampton, Ontario

Trust and Faith are probably the last two words you would expect to be associated with the legal profession but I am confident that they are the right ones to use for Bogoroch and Associates.

Trust in your decision that you have come to the right law firm, and have Faith that when you sign with Bogoroch and Associates it will be your best interests that are important, not the bottom line.

I was once like you. I didn’t know who to trust with my future. Not only was I the victim of a serious motor vehicle accident, but I was also challenged with making the choice for my legal representation in a hospital bed, under duress, heavy medication and on the encouragement of a well meaning acquaintance who had a friend who knew a friend.
As it turned out I chose wrong. I suffered for that decision for over a year, until I finally had the strength and determination to find another attorney.

As a single mother of three, who had just spent 5 months hospitalized after my accident, I was alive and happy to go home, but it was looking more and more likely that I would never work again and I was fighting daily with my insurance company for some basic rights. It was imperative that I have the best legal representation I could find, and I didn’t feel like my former attorneys were working with my best interests at heart. They didn’t return phone calls, nor did they let me know what the game plan was … It was time to find someone who would fight for me and my family. Staying (with this law firm) was no longer an option, but finding a place to go wasn’t as easy as you might think.

I met with a few different law firms and was turned down by several attorneys … but not Richard Bogoroch. Richard operates a fairly large and distinctive boutique law firm that specializes in Personal Injury cases and I was hopeful that he would agree to take my case. It was obvious that Richard knew the legal system and was very confident in his abilities to deliver, because not only did he think my case had merit, he foretold of a sizable and successful future settlement.

Richard laid out the game plan right there at that meeting and from then on he let me know his every move, every step of the way. I was definitely part of the Team, and this is as it should be. My emails and phone calls were returned promptly and I was never left hanging.

As I write this letter, a year and a half after hiring Richard, I am so grateful that I had the courage to make the right choice. I didn’t let my cynicism stand in my way. Sure in the beginning I found it hard to believe that this man cared about me and my family, look at my past predictors. I had my doubts that Richard could actually pull rabbits out of hats, but not today. I can say with all honesty that Richard Bogoroch is exactly who and what he seems to be, a brilliant counsellor with a huge heart.
Richard seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to his opponents. Perhaps this comes from years of dealing with them, but he knows when to attack and he knows where their weaknesses lie. He is a skilled magician with more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

Richard always comes from a position of strength. He is an aggressive player who plays an offensive game, and he plays to win. Richard wanted my family to have the security he knew we needed and he fought hard to get it.

From the first moment I walked into his office, he treated me with respect and understanding. He knew how difficult this ‘fight’ was for me and he understood that I was in great pain and took pains himself to make sure that I was always comfortable.

My trust and faith were rewarded.

If I had any doubts about Richard’s capabilities, they were laid to rest when I went to Mediation. Although we didn’t win the battle that day, he was brilliant and laid the groundwork to win the war. He was my champion that day and he worked tirelessly every day after that, until it finally paid off.

Within two weeks Richard had successfully negotiated a huge settlement which he encouraged me to take. He gave me all the facts and allowed me without pressure to make my own decision. He told me honestly that I may have been able to win a bit more money in court, but my court date was still 3 years away and I was already 3 years in. As far as I was concerned, he was absolutely right. He and his team did an amazing job, and I am extremely grateful for everyone’s efforts at Bogoroch and Associates on my behalf.

Now that my monetary worries are over, Richard is able to turn his attention to “phase two” of my case, the Catastrophic Determination. Working within the time constraints of the insurance and legal system, Richard is aggressively pursuing the insurance company and I have no doubt that we will once again come out victors.

Richard is extremely knowledgeable about the law and very creative in his thinking. He is definitely NOT a procrastinator and believes in striking while the iron is hot.

If you are in need of a legal champion, who has equal measure of heart and intelligence, a brilliant strategist with a conscience, than you cannot do any better than to hire Richard and his team of professionals as your counsel of choice.

I am so grateful that I found out about Bogoroch and Associates and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

– Frankie Picasso

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