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Eva Kin-Ha Chow


The following text has been translated from Chinese:

My name is Eva Chow. In November 2011 I was injured on a TTC bus as a result of the bus driver applying the brake unexpectedly. I sustained injuries in my ankle and was bothered by pain which did not go away after a few months; I needed a cane to assist me in walking. In 2012 I saw an ad for Bogoroch & Associates LLP. Soon after I decided to make a call to the firm. Ms. Chan (a Chinese interpreter for the firm) answered my call; I felt that she was a very thorough and caring person who treated me not only as a client but also as a friend. Before that, I was worrying about communication problems because of my language barrier. After I spoke to Ms. Chan I decided to make an appointment. Mr. Bogoroch saw me in in person and he treated me with modesty and courtesy, which really exceeded my expectations. I retained the firm, and not long afterwards, I received satisfactory compensation. Their disclosure to me of the management of my file is highly transparent. The final legal fee is also very reasonable.

During the process, Mr. Bogoroch and his partner Ms. Heidi Brown were very professional and sincere. Although my case was not a big one in strict monetary sense, I always had the feeling that I was treated as a first priority and had the peace of mind knowing that these trusted confidants would be with me every step of the way. They also provided excellent Chinese client service to assist people like me. In particular, the client liaison person, Ms. Chan, was very supportive, informative, and always available for any questions that I had. Ms. Chan demonstrated her caring attitude by helping me, answering my questions, or seeking answers for me promptly. I am truly grateful for all of them.

I sincerely feel that I am very lucky to of come to this law firm. I would definitely like to recommend Bogoroch & Associates LLP to my friends and others who have sustained an injury. I would also want to let non-English speaking people know that language barrier is not a problem in hiring Bogoroch & Associates LLP as they have all the best translation services available for their clients. I find this firm highly professional and very result-oriented. Their services exceed my expectations in every way.

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