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Orangeville, Ontario

To the Staff and Associates at Bogoroch and Associates:

It is with great pleasure that I sit down to right this letter as an expression of my gratitude for a great job.

About four years ago I was involved in a car accident where I suffered a permanent shoulder injury. Besides the initial pain and worries that come with being involved in a car accident, I was a contract employee and was worried about my source of income.

I needed legal assistance and came to the office of Bogoroch and Associates. After a short meeting with Richard and Heidi Brown my mind was quickly put at ease. Together they laid out the events that were sure to follow and filled me with every confidence that my case would be resolved to my satisfaction.

As a team Bogoroch and Associates delivered. From the beginning to the end I was treated with the utmost respect. My questions were always answered and in the tough times I was always reassured.

I felt totally prepared during this whole process. The team did a great job of preparing me for the badgering of the “evil empire,” the lawyers for the insurance company that is. My medical needs, my rehabilitation and reintegration into the work force were all supported and accounted for in my final settlement.

I would never wish harm to befall anyone, however, should someone I know find themselves in a situation similar to mine … well then, I would not hesitate. My advice would be to contact Bogoroch and Associates.

In closing all I can say is THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. Richard, Heidi and your entire team – THANK YOU.
Because of all of you I have been able to continue to enjoy my life and all it offers to the fullest. So once again on behalf of my children, grandchildren and most importantly myself, THANK YOU.

Respectfully Yours,

– D.Z.

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