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Markham, Ontario

Dearest Richard and Tripta,

I just want to thank you very much for all the care, understanding and support you gave me in looking after my concerns and treatment needs throughout my ongoing recovery from the auto accident. The professionalism, efficiency and compassion from all those on your team who worked on my case was greatly appreciated. Even though the insurance company did their best to wear me down, I felt blessed to have such a terrific team of lawyers and caregivers who kept my best interests in mind. The doctors you sent me to were all very considerate and actually took the time to give me proper assessments, unlike the insurance and DAC doctors, many of whom saw me only for a brief time.

Without your help I would never have received some of the treatment given to me, and the settlement which will now allow me to fund future treatment throughout the coming years. Although I pray that no one has to go through an accident and suffer injuries, I would be the first to recommend your firm. Tripta Chandler was an absolutely incredible lawyer and her assistant Maria Cicero was extremely helpful, always communicating and attending to my concerns. Bogoroch & Associates were there for me when I needed help. Knowing that I had the best lawyers who were looking out for my best interests made a huge difference in my recovery process.

I thank you once again sincerely for all your assistance, professionalism and empathy. It has been said that “people may not always remember what you say and do, but they will remember how you made them feel.” Having all of you in my corner made me feel safe and supported and I cannot thank you enough for your services!

My very best wishes to both of you and your entire team in your personal and professional lives!

– A.K.

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