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The following are articles and papers authored by Bogoroch & Associates LLP principals.

28 / June / 2002

Nature of the Case S.W. was a dedicated Social Worker who loved her job. She suffered from chronic pancreatitis and had undergone 3 unsuccessful surgeries in an effort to alleviate pain and symptoms of the illness. After the surgeries, S.W.…

Long Term Insurance Benefits Denied to Seriously Ill Social WorkerRead more
Co-written by: Richard M. Bogoroch , Simone A. Levine
22 / March / 2002

In a medical malpractice action against a physician, the plaintiff must establish on a balance of probabilities that the physician departed, in a blameworthy way, from the normal standards of skill, judgement, or knowledge prevailing in the medical community at…

Forceps and Caesarean Deliveries and Informed Consent: New Issues and Dangers in Child Delivery MethodsRead more
5 / February / 2002

The Accident G.S.’s vehicle was struck from behind, while stopped at an intersection. The blow to the car led the car to become airborne, landing in a snow bank. G.S. encountered injuries and ongoing trauma from the accident, including soft…

College Professor Severely Disabled in Car AccidentRead more
23 / January / 2002

The Accident G.D., a finance student at Ryerson University, was entering an intersection legally and on a green light when his vehicle was struck, by a vehicle entering the intersection in violation of the Highway Traffic Act on a red…

University Student Severely Injured by Motor VehicleRead more
19 / December / 2001

The Accident H.L. enjoyed her work as an Administrative Assistant for six years, when she began to experience chronic pain, forgetfulness and depression. She had difficulty maintaining her regular workload. Upon visiting a physician, H.L. was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Under…

Wrongful Termination of Victim of FibromyalgiaRead more
19 / December / 2001

Nature of the Case P.D., a city employee for twenty-five years had worked as a parking lot attendant and parking meter collector. Prior to being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, P.D. experienced several symptoms including back, arm and leg pain. P.D. was…

Fibromyalgia Sufferer Denied Benefits by InsurerRead more
11 / September / 2001

Nature of the Case S.H. worked to support her family as an Accounts Receivables clerk for nearly four years when she began to suffer chronic fatigue, severe headaches, generalized muscle pain and insomnia. Once a productive employee, her work began…

Single Mother Suffers Chronic Fatigue SyndromeRead more
5 / July / 2001

When going out for an enjoyable dinner at a restaurant, you do not expect to be injured. But that’s what happened to N.D. when patronizing a local restaurant. A folded mat on the floor caused N.D. to trip, causing her…

Restaurant Floormat Causes Severe InjuriesRead more
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