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The following are articles and papers authored by Bogoroch & Associates LLP principals.

August 2000

The Accident Two passengers, D. and E., sustained serious injuries as passengers in a vehicle struck by another vehicle making an illegal turn into a driveway. D’s Injuries D. was in the front seat when the accident occurred, and as…

Husband and Wife Seriously Injured as PassengersRead more
22 / February / 2000

The Nature of the Case At the age of nine T.W. was struck by a car. In the aftermath of the accident and as part of her regular healthcare follow-up, she visited a dentist who never detected a cyst in…

Medical Negligence Injures ChildRead more
14 / February / 2000

By Eric Atkins for Law Times

February 14, 2000

Toronto - An injured woman whose disability insurer cut off her weekly benefits has been awarded what amounts to punitive damages under a rarely used Ontario Insurance Act Provision. An arbitrator awarded 37-year-old travel agent Domenica Fimiani $30,000 from Liberty…

Insurer Ignores Medical Evidence, Hit With $30,000 'Special Award'Read more
January 2000

Imagine being invited to a friend’s home for a lovely dinner, only to be brutally attacked by the family dog. That’s what happened to M.E., who was attacked inside the home, just as she stepped into her friend’s living room.…

Injuries Sustained from Dog BiteRead more
30 / November / 1997

Introduction There are a few things as difficult or as dangerous as the cross-examination of the defendant’s expert. While it is often said that a plaintiff’s case is made or lost on the strength and credibility of the plaintiff’s witnesses,…

Corralling the Experts: Opinion ContainmentRead more
Author: Bogoroch & Associates LLP
10 / November / 1997

With the passage of Bill 68 (the Ontario Motorist Protection Plan), which came into effect on June 22, 1990, the landscape of personal injury litigation in Ontario was forever altered. The right to sue for damages for pain and suffering…

Cashing Out Accident Benefits Claims Under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS)Read more
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