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Motorcyclist Severely Injured by Motor Vehicle

Motorcyclist Severely Injured by Motor Vehicle

The Accident

J.B. 40 years of age, was struck on his motorcycle by a car making a left hand turn. The driver admitted sole liability in the matter after being charged under the Highway Traffic Act for the accident.

J.B. was rendered seriously injured by the accident. He suffered permanent scars on his face, shoulders, leg and knee. Pain rendered him anxious, irritable, and chronically depressed with impaired memory, concentration and slower intelligence than prior to the accident.

J.B. had been an energetic, athletic person, being educated as a computer network technician but his life was put on hold as a result of the accident. He underwent several surgical procedures to repair damage to his knee, leg and shoulder. During the process, J.B. developed a pain disorder, and an adjustment disorder leaving him anxious and chronically depressed. He could not cope with lost memory, anger, impaired concentration and slowness.

J.B.’s life and future were uncertain.

After the accident, J.B. was offered a settlement of in the amount of tens of thousands of dollars. Bogoroch & Associates advised against that settlement, realizing the full value of the claim against the defendant.

When the case was finalized, Bogoroch & Associates had achieved a settlement in the amount of hundreds of thousands for J.B.’s pain and suffering.

The Resolution

Bogoroch & Associates assessed in short and long term, the injuries sustained by J.B. He agreed to undergo extensive psychology assessments, orthopedic surgery and physiotherapy follow-up.

Bogoroch and Associates with all of the physicians involved created the extensive files on J.B.’s ongoing care and therapy needs. What was the total cost of J.B.’s loss of future employment from the injuries sustained in the accident?

J.B. visited with an Occupational Therapist to assess and document the value of future care and what would be involved on a day to day basis to care for J.B.’s ongoing injuries.

Bogoroch & Associates Process:

  • Discoveries were held
  • Assembled medical records
  • Obtained expert opinions
  • Documented witness accounts
  • Valued future care and therapy
  • Valued lost employment
  • Valued future opportunity costs
  • Case moved to Mediation
  • Settled after Mediation

*Please note that the settlement amounts will vary from case to case and are not reflective of what your case may be worth.