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Fractures in the Context of a Personal Injury Lawsuit


Fractures (or broken bones) are one possible consequence of a car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, slip and fall, or a trip and fall incident. In addition to causing significant pain, for some, these injuries may be life-changing, with effects felt long after the fracture itself has healed.

What is a fracture?

A fracture is a break in a bone. A fracture may be either “open” (where the fractured bone breaks the skin), or “closed” (where the skin overlying the fracture remains intact).[1] Beyond these basic descriptions, there are many types of fractures and they can vary both in terms of their severity, as well as the treatment they require. Some may be treated non-operatively, whereas others may require surgery, including the insertion of hardware to hold the fractured bone in place.

Possible Outcomes

Ultimately, the hoped-for outcome is a healed bone, with no complications or lasting effects, and indeed, many fractures go on to heal without incident. However, even if a bone is anatomically healed, for some, this type of injury may nonetheless result in long-term difficulties such as chronic pain, reduced range of motion, diminished mobility, development of post-traumatic osteoarthritis, and the need for further surgery. The impact on a person’s life—including their ability to work and complete their daily activities—can be profound.

Can I receive compensation for a fracture?

If you have suffered a fracture through the fault or negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party for your injuries and losses. Some of the types of compensation available to an injured party include damages for pain and suffering, past and future loss of income and loss of competitive advantage, future cost of care, loss of housekeeping and home maintenance capacity, and out-of-pocket expenses. In some instances, family members of the injured person may also have a claim pursuant to the Family Law Act. There are strict time limits for starting a lawsuit, and it is therefore important to seek advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

How Bogoroch & Associates LLP Can Help

Bogoroch & Associates LLP is committed to providing access to justice and helping injured victims recover the compensation they deserve. Our lawyers have successfully represented many individuals—at many different stages of life—who have suffered orthopaedic injuries, including fractures, as a result of another party’s negligence. As part of developing a case of this nature, an assessment with an expert orthopaedic surgeon is often arranged so that they may assess and evaluate our client’s injuries and provide their expert opinion in relation to a diagnosis, the prognosis, the outcome of the injury, and recommendations, among other matters.

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or believes that you are a victim of malpractice or negligence, please contact any of our personal injury lawyers today. Consultations are free and we would be honoured to help you.

[1] Merck Manual, “Overview of Fractures”, Danielle Campagne, MD.

Fractures in the Context of a Personal Injury Lawsuit
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Fractures in the Context of a Personal Injury Lawsuit
Learn about the ways that you may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered a fracture through the fault or negligence of another party.
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