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Case Study: Getting the Compensation You Deserve and the Peace of Mind That Goes With It


Bogoroch & Associates LLP is committed to improving the lives of those suffering from injuries caused by no fault of their own.

The following case study illustrates how we obtained financial compensation for a client involved in a car accident.  We settled both her tort and accident benefits cases within two years of the date of loss.  Her combined settlement exceeded $500,000.00.


Client’s Name:
H.P. (name changed to preserve confidentiality)

In May 2012, H.P. was rear-ended by another vehicle while seated in her parked car

Concussion; mild traumatic brain injury; knee injury; generalized pain in neck and shoulders

Deeper Implications
As a result of our client’s injuries, she experienced a dramatic decline in lifestyle.  The 55-year-old fell into severe depression and struggled with anxiety issues.  She also developed a phobia of driving.

On the day of the accident, our client was a real estate agent who had just presented an ‘Offer of Purchase’ at a property for sale.  The Defendant struck her in the rear, but also alleged negligence against an oncoming motor vehicle who failed to share the road with him, triggering a chain of unfortunate events.  That oncoming motor vehicle was never identified.

Client Hires Bogoroch & Associates LLP
When H.P. contacted our firm, we hit the ground running.  Our first task was to establish effective communication and reporting between the following parties:

  • Our Client
  • The Defendant’s lawyer
  • The medical team treating our Client
  • Insurance Adjuster handling our Client’s accident benefits case

By creating this synergy and devising a well-defined treatment path, the Plaintiff received access to many of Toronto’s best medical specialists.  With the dedication of our team, our client benefitted from Bogoroch & Associates LLP’s exceptional client care.  Meanwhile, a specialized medical team was laying the foundation of her case, ultimately strengthening her tort claim.

Our firm’s next order of business was to prove that H.P. had enjoyed a strong record of earnings prior to the accident.  Those earnings had quickly dissipated as a result of her injuries.  To develop our client’s case, Bogoroch & Associates LLP coordinated the collection of all her business records.  It was our goal to identify lost business opportunities by the Plaintiff.

The documentation of these lost opportunities was made possible by contacting her clientele, who provided signed letters that included details of purchase and sale losses following the accident.  Over time, Bogoroch & Associates LLP created a compelling record of lost income.  Prior to mediation, we also retained a forensic accountant to analyze the data and prepare a comprehensive economic loss report.   Richard Bogoroch and I acted as counsel for H.P. at the mediation and as a result of thorough preparation and forceful advocacy, we obtained a settlement in two years which exceeded H.P.’s expectations.

This settlement ensured her a future that would allow for continued medical support, housekeeping assistance, and compensation for her lost earnings and potential.

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