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University Student Severely Injured by Motor Vehicle

University Student Severely Injured by Motor Vehicle

The Accident

G.D., a finance student at Ryerson University, was entering an intersection legally and on a green light when his vehicle was struck, by a vehicle entering the intersection in violation of the Highway Traffic Act on a red light.

G.D. was severely cognitively and physically injured, suffering from a ruptured diaphragm, intra cerebral bleeding, pulmonary contusion, lacerations to scalp and extensive scarring.

The accident completely altered G.D.’s once-productive life. Prior to the accident, G.D. was entering his fourth and final year at school, held down two part-time jobs to pay for his education, went to the gym twice a week and played recreational hockey three times a week. G.D. was in the prime of his life and functioning at an extremely high level. All of this activity came to a sudden end.

The Resolution

G.D. found himself unable to go to work, unable to pay for his education. Bogoroch & Associates issued a statement of claim as a start to the process. As liability was not an issue (the defendant driver was completely liable for his accident), the case rested in medical evidence in order to correctly assess the accident.

G.D., with the guidance of Bogoroch & Associates was treated by many physicians, including psychologists, social workers, plastic surgeons, and a doctor at the Brain Injury Clinic. G.D. also underwent extensive rehabilitation; including physiotherapy, speech language pathology, neuropsychological counseling, and social work intervention.

But as time passed, the physical and psychological scars remained, as did functional limitations and cognitive difficulties. G.D. had to live with the fact that he had suffered a brain injury, and he was concerned about the stigma attached to the injury, which caused yet further stress.

Medical reports were acquired and reviewed, and Bogoroch & Associates obtained an actuarial report where loss of income and earning capacity were calculated. Once the information was complete and assembled, Bogoroch & Associates were able to mediate the case and reach an appropriate and just settlement.

During the course of the lawsuit, G.D. went back to school to complete his degree and found a position in the financial sector. He wanted to avoid a court battle and was thrilled that the case was settled in mediation.

*Please note that the settlement amounts will vary from case to case and are not reflective of what your case may be worth.