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Bicyclist Paralyzed When Struck by Motor Vehicle

Bicyclist Paralyzed When Struck by Motor Vehicle

The Accident

K.R., a 42 year-old woman in the prime of her life and career, was struck while training on her racing bicycle. K.R., an elite triathlete was training when she was struck from behind by a driver asleep-at-the-wheel.

Unconscious after the accident and taken to hospital, she was diagnosed with a spinal injury, which would render her completely paralyzed beneath the waist – with not use of her legs, no genital sensation and no bowel movement and function.

The accident utterly changed K.R.’s life forever.

K.R., a mother of 2, successful family therapist, and office manager at her husband’s dental practice was rendered paralyzed, dealing with pain and adjusting to a new life without use of her legs.

The driver of the motor vehicle was clearly liable after falling asleep at the wheel, and was also criminally responsible and was incarcerated after being convicted of dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

Though the accident was over, the battle with insurance providers had just begun. The insurer of the driver of the motor vehicle denied any coverage given the circumstances of the accident. K.R.’s insurance provider had to be pursued in the matter.

The Resolution

Bogoroch & Associates were hired by K.R. to take on her case and fight the insurance companies on her behalf, and that of her husband and 2 children.

Evidence about the accident was compiled and examined. The resulting injuries were also examined in depth, and K.R. was sent to medical experts, physio and occupational therapists, as well as pain management counseling. The injuries were treated, where possible, and the extent of the injuries documented.

Once a loving and supportive wife and capable employee, K.R. could no longer engage in family or working life, and all athletic activities that had at one time provided such enjoyment and health, ended. Chronic and severe pain became the norm.

The case proceeded to a lengthy mediation lasting nine hours. The various insurance companies discussed the issues and evidence, but could not come to an agreement with regard to a reasonable and just settlement.

Bogoroch & Associates determined a new and different solution to the dilemma – the team approached each defense insurance provider separately to negotiate each settlement in isolation of each other.

The approach was very successful. The monies were put into a structured settlement plan so that K.R. and her family could maximize the benefit of the investment, and move forward. K.R. would have the peace of mind of knowing that her care, and that of her family was assured for the remainder of her life.

*Please note that the settlement amounts will vary from case to case and are not reflective of what your case may be worth.