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Website writeup

Website writeup

Heidi R. Brown, a Partner at Bogoroch & Associates LLP specializing in Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Law, recently spoke at the November OBA Conference on "Representing Children in Civil Matters",  discussing court approval of children’s settlements.

Her presentation with Madam Justice Darla Wilson and Katherine Antonacopoulos of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer covered several key areas, including:

  • Documentation and approval overview.
  • Drafting tips for affidavits, Minutes of Settlement and Judgments.
  • Collaboration with Guardianship counsel.
  • The involvement of the Office of the Children's Lawyer in settlement processes, discussing when and how they engage in cases.

The session provided insights for legal professionals in handling settlement approvals and safeguarding young clients' interests, as well as a tip sheet created by Heidi on Rule 7.08 Court Approvals for Minors.

For more details about the conference, click here:


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