The Annals of Medical Malpractice Law

Understanding Medical Malpractice Litigation: What is the Standard of Care? What is Causation?

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    If you or a family member have suffered as a result of medical or hospital malpractice, this webinar will answer many of the questions you have, including:

    • What is standard of care?
    • What is causation?
    • The cost of litigating these cases
    • Our approach to malpractice litigation

    Navigating this highly specialized and complex area of law is not easy, which is why we’ve put together a webinar to serve as your primer for medical malpractice and to help you better understand its intricacies.

    Presented by Richard Bogoroch, Toby Samson, and Mahsa Dabirian, this webinar will be your guide to understanding how medical malpractice cases are litigated, how to evaluate your situation, and what you can expect throughout the process, including the timeframe, fees, and the complexities that make these cases difficult.


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