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Keep reading our blog to stay up-to-date on the latest news. Bogoroch & Associates LLP leads the way in writing and curating important news-worthy information on serious personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, product liability and disability claims litigation.

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Post-104 Week IRBs for Part-Time Return to Work: McLean v. Primmum Insurance Company, 2023 ONLAT 22-001804/AABS 24 / October / 2023

Income Replacement Benefits Defined Income replacement benefits (“IRBs”) are just one of many benefits available...

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Should you Sue for Medical Malpractice 02 / October / 2023

The first formal step in a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit...

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Plaintiffs successful in recent informed consent case: Denman v Radovanovic, 2023 ONSC 1160 05 / June / 2023

Informed consent is critical to healthcare.  It can also give rise to legal liability when doctors do not obtain informed consent...

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Understanding the law that protects the cyclists of Ontario 23 / May / 2023

As the weather warms and cyclists join the network...

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What to do after a hit and run accident? 19 / April / 2023

Being in a serious car accident is a frightening and difficult...

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Solicitor-Client Privilege 14 / April / 2023

What is Solicitor-Client Privilege? One of the fundamental principles in law is solicitor-client privilege – that is,...

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What is the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)? 10 / April / 2023

The Canadian Medical Protective Association, commonly called the CMPA, is a defence organization that works on behalf of doctors...

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Is delayed diagnosis on the rise? 27 / March / 2023

What constitutes delayed diagnosis? A delayed diagnosis occurs when you learn that you have a condition that should have...

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