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Is delayed diagnosis on the rise? 27 / March / 2023

What constitutes delayed diagnosis? A delayed diagnosis occurs when you learn that you have a condition that should have...

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Psychiatric Malpractice: What it is and what you should know 06 / March / 2023

Content Advisory: self-harm, suicide Medical...

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5 significant personal injury cases 23 / February / 2023

In Canada, common law is the body of law derived from judicial decisions and precedents rather than statutes or laws written by...

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5 Significant Medical Malpractice Cases in Canada 23 / February / 2023

Whether physicians, nurses, hospitals or healthcare providers are found liable in medical malpractice lawsuits depends on two issues:...

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What is social host liability? 13 / February / 2023

Since the landmark Supreme Court of Canada decision in Menow v. Jordan House Ltd, 1974 SCR 239 (CanLII), courts have held...

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Hurt in an Uber, Lyft or taxicab: what are my rights? 17 / January / 2023

Whether you are in a densely populated urban centre such as Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton, or in a more rural town such as Erin...

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What is the role of technology in medical malpractice? 12 / January / 2023

What is medical technology and what are the benefits? Medical technology can be defined as the procedures, equipment,...

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Can you Sue for Amputation? 04 / January / 2023

The following provides a framework for understanding how victims of amputation are compensated for their injuries in Ontario. It...

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