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Car Accidents | Lawyers Servicing Ontario

Car Accidents | Lawyers Servicing Ontario

People today depend on their cars for many functions such as travelling to and from work, taking their children to school or extra curricular activities, doing their shopping or travelling to holiday destinations. Every hour we spend on the road carries a certain risk. Most drivers share the road safely and responsibly, but the actions of just one negligent or distracted driver can have life-changing consequences.

If you or a loved one has been in a motor vehicle accident, call Bogoroch & Associates LLP. Your car insurance policy will provide some mandatory benefits, but you may also be entitled to sue for lost income, current and future health care expenses, and pain and suffering. Our firm has a long track record of getting exceptional results for accident victims and their families.

Our highly qualified lawyers will make sure your case is managed effectively and promptly. Our many years of experience and personal commitment will help us help you. No matter how complex your claim, we will provide support, guidance, and advocacy. We will guide you through the litigation process with expert knowledge, commitment and compassion until you get the compensation you deserve, because the only acceptable outcome for us is the best possible settlement for you.

Do you have questions about Car Accident injury? View our Car Accident Brochure or Chronic Pain brochure to learn more.



“I was in your office many times, and every time that I met with you, you gave me so much hope… All your staff is very dedicated, caring, compassionate, educated, and respectful…. I am very happy to have been represented by the most organized, professional and successful people that I ever have known.”

Mimoza Lengo and family

“We came to meet with Richard Bogoroch and Heidi Brown and they have given us a timeline and a strategy on how to get results on that issue, and the result was excellent. I cannot thank them enough. Because of them my daughter has the financial means to continue her life in dignity.”

Inci Kuzucouoglu