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Heidi R. Brown's Publications

The following are articles and papers authored by Bogoroch & Associates LLP principals.

5 / November / 2020

Issues surrounding the timeframe within which an action must be commenced can be perplexing for any civil litigator but are frequently encountered in the context of medical malpractice cases.  Injured adults generally have two years to start an action from…

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20 / October / 2020

Evidence of “usual or invariable practice” in the context of medical malpractice cases frequently provides physicians with a significant advantage at trial. Physicians who have no specific recollection of their dealings with a patient are entitled to testify as to…

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12 / March / 2020

Medical malpractice suits emerging from surgical complications can be nightmarish to pursue. The line between a complication and a negligent error is hard to prove in Canada. A leading medical malpractice firm is pushing for a solution though, by taking…

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4 / March / 2020

Canadian case law around delayed diagnosis medical malpractice cases has made the pursuit of justice for claimants suffering the impact of a delayed diagnosis extremely difficult, says one leading medical malpractice firm. Richard Bogoroch and Heidi Brown, partners at Bogoroch…

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September 2018

Congratulations to Heidi Brown on the publication of her article  "Getting to First Chair in a Roundabout Way” in the Women’s Trial Lawyers Caucus Newsletter, Summer 2018. Read Women’s Trial Lawyers Caucus Newsletter here.

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7 / July / 2016

Congratulations to Heidi Brown on the publication of her article ‘Surveillance in the Selfie Generation” in the prestigious Advocates’ Quarterly. Read Surveillance in Selfie Generation here.  (2016) 45 The Advocates’ Quarterly 195-211. Reproduced by permission of Thomson Reuters Canada Limited.…

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February 2013

As part of the OTLA Long Term Disability Conference in 2013, this article on mediation strategies was prepared. Slaying the LTD Dragon Over 20 years ago, in response to an inefficient civil justice system, escalating legal fees, and long and…

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25 / May / 2011

Settlement of personal injury claims on behalf of persons under disability has engendered confusion and uncertainty for personal injury lawyers. Counsel for the Plaintiff often negotiates what she is of the view is an excellent result on behalf of her…

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