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Navigating the Complex World of Medical Malpractice Claims 09 / October / 2018

Ask any Canadian lawyer and they will tell you that medical malpractice claims are some of the most expensive and difficult to pursue. ...

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When Personal Injury Strikes 09 / October / 2018

How our Personal Injury Lawyers can help when Injury Strikes No one expects to be injured while driving,...

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Nursing Home Negligence Litigation: Time is of the Essence 27 / September / 2018

The importance of expeditious resolution of civil actions is perhaps most palpable in the context of nursing home negligence litigation.These...

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What is the Deductible and How Does it Affect Damage Awards? 23 / May / 2018

When a victim is injured in a car accident, they are entitled to damages for pain and suffering, otherwise known as general damages....

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Tondat v Hudson’s Bay Company: Occupiers’ Liability in Cases of Slips and Falls 20 / May / 2018

Spring is finally upon us and with the rising temperatures inevitably comes rain. It is not uncommon to find wet and slippery entryways...

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Waiving Away your Right to Sue: The Enforceability of Waivers 09 / May / 2018

With warmer weather finally on the horizon, Ontarians are enthusiastically heading outdoors to enjoy recreational activities such as...

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10 day notice period 17 / April / 2018

“Sprinter” hit us this weekend. The ice storm in Toronto and the surrounding areas has resulted in cold, snow and ice. These conditions...

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Scheduling Mediation in a Climate of Delay 02 / March / 2018

A challenge currently facing the Plaintiff personal injury bar are the delays in obtaining a trial date. Personal injury plaintiffs...

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