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Richard Bogoroch Invited to Speak at Tricks of the Trade 2015 06 / November / 2014

Richard Bogoroch has been invited to speak at a high-profile event organized by The Advocates’ Society.  He will participate in...

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Identifying Concussion Signs in Children and Teens 06 / November / 2014

Parents, coaches and teachers frequently overlook concussions by characterizing physical impact as a minor ‘bonk on the head’. ...

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Roche Breast Cancer Drug Perjeta Appears to Greatly Extend Patients’ Lives 06 / November / 2014

A recent article in ‘The New York Times’ reports a new drug used to treat advanced breast cancer.  In a clinical trial, the drug...

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Rule 53.03 – Expert Reports – Moore V. Getahun, 2014 ONSC 237 06 / November / 2014

In litigation, as in life, there is always more than one side to every story. To advocate your position and sway the trier of fact...

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Science Fiction Come True: Paralyzed Man Moves Arm With His Thoughts Using Microchip in His Brain 30 / September / 2014

The Bogoroch Post will keep you informed of recent developments in medicine and law and will share with you news articles we think...

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Case Study: Getting the Compensation You Deserve and the Peace of Mind That Goes With It 30 / September / 2014

Bogoroch & Associates LLP is committed to improving the lives of those suffering from injuries caused by no fault of their own.The...

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Advance Payments: Getting Paid While You Wait for Your Case to Settle 30 / September / 2014

Becoming injured in a motor vehicle accident can be an overwhelming experience.  An injured victim must contend with the pain and...

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The 407 ETR: a Lesson in Limitation Periods 29 / August / 2014

One of the GTA’s best alternatives to the frequently congested Highway 401 is the 407 ETR.  For those unfamiliar with this busy...

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