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Bogoroch & Associates is pleased to provide an expanding library of useful resources, pertinent articles (many of them authored by Bogoroch & Associates principals) and links to other Web sites of interest.

We are also proud to share with you our newsletter. The goal of the Litigation Bulletin is to inform, educate and inspire you on matters of law, lawyers and occasionally the medical profession.

We are also pleased to announce the first installment of our Legal Information Series entitled “What To Do in Case of a Car Accident”. This easy to read brochure provides accident victims and their families with important and timely advice on how to deal with the complex and confusing maze of legal and insurance-related issues. Should you wish to receive this helpful and informative brochure, please e-mail your request to and we will be happy to send you a copy.

We welcome your comments. Please contact us at if you have any suggestions for or questions about the materials provided here.